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Vitae, the architectural institution, is the sister concern of Carionbilta Associates, an eminent architectural firm which thrived on more than 150 projects all over India since 2007. Vitae embraced the inevitable traditional architectural lessons and emerged with the innovative ideas which provide efficiency and technical knowledge to students that is quite missing in the old school of thought and learning. In the larger spectrum of the modern architectural industry, Vitae is indubitably in the prominent position, enlarging and developing the frontiers of the old realms of cognition.
The architectural industry needs efficient professionals who can design the buildings with the changing trends happening in the designing field. More than the theoretical knowledge, each person requires technical ability along with the necessary experience. Vitae being the venture of an eminent architectural firm, the students get easy access to the working sites and they can even participate in the drawings with skilled architects. They will learn new lessons through experience.


  • Cbvitae provides you not only learning theories but equip the students with the accolades of experience also.
  • Developers the finer aspects of designing and marketing skills.
  • Teaches the unconventional and practical approaches.
  • Offers opportunity to experience with various designs according to the geographical specifications and cultures around.
  • Get a chance to apply the learner’s creativity and skill.
  • The mode of teaching and learning develop them to create a design harmony.
  • Assume authentic knowledge through constant interactions with the well experienced professional architects and designers.
  • Understand how a design is generated with the varying tastes of different clients.
  • Learn to provide unique designs ; conventional and unconventional.
  • Get advantage of the unique industry experience.
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Learning outcome

  • Makes you an independent designer with finer and chiseled creative skills provides the taste of success.
  • Assumes the wisdom of business and marketing strategies.
  • Equipped with the knowledge of rising trends and changing tastes through client interactions with their ideas and suggestions.
  • Students from VITAE web their realm of architecture and design with unique imaginations and approaches.

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