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Transforming young lives through enterprise
Business Launchpad is dedicated to transforming young lives through enterprise in Bangalore and across India . our charity has earned the Social Enterprise Mark for the work we do to support young people in starting and growing their own businesses.Young people are at the heart of what we do. CBA supports young people aged 16 – 40 at every stage of business: whether you need help coming up with or refining your business idea, practical support through the business basics, or even want to turn your business into a social enterprise, CBA is here to help. Our trained business counselors and wider network of partners and associates provide you with the motivation and support you need to build and sustain a thriving business.

Reason to join

  • Workshops : Workshops across India for Ideas Generation, Business Basics, Social Enterprise and more.
  • Business Counseling : One to one business counseling to help keep you motivated throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Leadership : A leadership development program, including workshops and our Youth Leadership Panel.
  • Peer Support : Peer support and opportunities to collaborate with our community.
  • Business Mentoring : One to one business mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Office Space :   you can meet your business client at CBA office launch.
  • Expert assistance : you can access CBA expert architects opinion or a help for the future meeting for better business closing
  • Drawing support : if your is more or complicated or you have more work to finish , you can access our company assistance here.

The entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one, but at CBA we don’t believe it has to be. We’ve built all of our offerings around community, connection and collaboration, giving you access to our growing community of experts and like-minded young entrepreneurs to help you learn from and support each other, share your stories and stay motivated!

Visual Communication training in Bangalore
Fashion Designing training Institutes In Bangalore

How to Grow

Get your clients through us.
Become an entrepreneur without an investment .
Get CBA experience to you career
Get funded by big companies

What we offer

  • Young designers getting a platform to perform
  • Help you to source your own business
  • Get the help of experienced architects / designers
  • Get your business address without investment
  • You can showcase our designs
  • Get aware about the best marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing content and planning: blogs, videos, weekly schedules
  • Can be design partner with Carion Bilta
  • Workshop classes by renowned designers
  • Free upgrade to the advanced architectural and interior designing course
  • Digital marketing and social media strategy development, analysis and evaluation
  • Tools and training to help your business implement these strategies
  • Digital marketing content and planning: blogs, videos, weekly schedules
  • CBA Launchpad gives students/ young entrepreneurs an opportunity of a life-time to set-up and run a business within their campus.

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